Data Provider


  • The purpose of data provider is to allow rerunning of the same test with different data sets

  • This is useful for validating forms with different data sets

Data Setup

  • We first setup the data in a csv file under the "data" folder

  • The first column is @id which identifies the data and the rest are data values



  • We generate the data object based on the csv file

  • To Implement in the test, we first create a test method with data provider annotation
* uses data from UserInvalid.csv at
* reruns the test per row of csv file
* @param username
* @param password
@Test(dataProvider = "DataRunner", dataProviderClass = UserInvalid.class)
public void invalidUserLogin(String username, String password) {
TestLog.ConsoleLog("username " + username);
TestLog.ConsoleLog("password " + password);
User user = Data.webApp.user().withUsername(username).withPassword(password);
TestLog.When("I login with invalid user");
  • We set the dataProvider name to "DataRunner". This is used for all dataProviders.

  • The dataProviderClass is set to the csv file name. This refers to the generated class for the csv file

  • We pass in the data column as parameters

  • We then create a user object based on the user.csv template to pass into the loginError function

  • User user = Data.webApp.user().withUsername(username).withPassword(password);