UI Testing

UI Testing

  • UI tests is compromised of Web and Mobile ( Android, iOS, Win) tests

  • Test are written similarly, using the same structure for all UI platforms ( Web, Mobile )

Writing UI Tests

Setup Property File


  • Set app url at Web.property and browser type

  • webApp="http://demo.autonomx.io/admin/"
    web.browserType = CHROME


  • Set app apk file, dir, and simulator, or UDID (real device) at android.property

  • # Android
    android.app = "selendroid.apk"
    android.appDir = "resources/"
    android.mobile = "Pixel_2_XL_API_25"
    android.tablet = "Pixel_2_XL_API_25"
    # udid for real device
    android.UDID = ""


  • Set app file, directory, mobile name or UDID (real device) at ios.property

  • #iOS
    ios.app = "eurika.app"
    ios.appDir = "resources/"
    ios.mobile = "iPhone 7"
    ios.tablet = "iPad Air 2"
    # udid for real device
    ios.UDID = ""


  • Set app path at win.property

  • #win
    win.app = "Microsoft.WindowsCalculator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App"

Set Test Data ( Optional )

  • If test case requires data, such as user information for login, we can add test data using 3 different methods:

    • Data Provider: For running same test cases with different data sets

    • Csv Test Data: Test data stored in external csv file

      • Advantage:

        • External storage of data sets

        • Easier to create and group

      • Disadvantage: Less flexible than setting data programmatically

    • Test Object: Test data stored programmatically in class file

      • Advantage:

        • Flexible to manipulate data as required

      • Disadvantage:

        • Data is internal in code

Set Test Panel

  • Using page object model, we specify page info in test panel class

  • For each page, panel, or feature in our application, we can create a panel

  • Panel class includes 2 sections:

    • Locator: Specify all page element locators in this section. eg. username field, password field

    • Action: All methods/actions associated with page in this section. eg. login method

Write Test Case

Sample Test Class

public class VerifyLoginTest extends TestBase {
public void beforeMethod() throws Exception {
public void verifyAdminUserWithCsvData() {
User user = Data.webApp.user().admin();
TestLog.When("I login with user " + user.getUsername());
TestLog.Then("I verify admin logo is displayed");
TestLog.When("I logout");
TestLog.Then("I should see the login panel");