Service Code Integration


  • We want to be able to call the service calls in the UI based tests or at code level

  • There are 2 methods of achieving this goal

    • Creating a service object and calling the service interface directly

    • Creating a service keyword in a csv file and calling the test case name

Using Service Object

  • We will create a service object containing the same information as we pass to csv file for our api tests

  • Example: we will use create service object for getting the access token

  • module.serviceUiIntegration.panel.LoginPanel
    public Response loginWithServiceObject(CommonUser user) {
    ServiceObject loginApi = Service.create()
    .withRequestBody("{" +
    "\"identifier\": \""+ user.username +"\",\r\n" +
    "\"password\": \"" +user.password + "\"" +
    + "jwt:<$accessTokenAdmin>;"
    + "<$userId>");
    return RestApiInterface.RestfullApiInterface(loginApi);
  • We specify: uri path, content type, method, request body, output parameters

  • We store the access token in variable "accessTokenAdmin"

  • The scope of the variable depends on where the call is made: before suite (suite level), before class (class level), test method (test method only)

  • we can call Database interface with similar methodology

  • public void databaseCall() {
    ServiceObject dbCall = Service.create()
    .withRequestBody("SELECT * FROM COMPANY")
  • Here, we are storing Name column at row 1 to "name" variable

Using Service Keywords

  • We can also use csv based calls for the service calls

  • The keyword csv file is located at:

    • automation -> resourced -> api -> keywords

  • Here, we specify the service calls the same way as service tests using csv data entry

  • We can then call any of these api calls using the testCaseID

  • eg. getToken

  • module.serviceUiIntegration.panel.LoginPanel
    * the scope of the stored token value depends on the where its called.
    * eg. at before class (the scope is class level )
    * at before method ( the scope is test level )
    * at before suite ( the scope is suite level )
    * @param user
    public void login(CommonUser user) {
  • Each testCaseID has a service object generated in code

  • Each parameter in request body is generated as a ".with" parameter