Test Base


  • We can have a test file designated as before/after suite or before/after csv

  • Before suite: test file run once before suite

  • After suite: test file run once after suite

  • Before test file: test file run before each csv test file

  • After test file: test file run after each csv test file

  • Config values stores using <$variable> syntax, will propagate to the test file

    • Value set at before suite/test file will be available for the test

    • eg. can authenticate once in before suite and use the token for the entire test run, override as needed per test


  • At Config file:

    • automation-client⁩ ▸ ⁨automation⁩ ▸ ⁨resources⁩ ▸ properties ▸ apiConfig.property

    • api.base.path = "../apiTestData/keywords/testBase/"
      api.base.before.testfile = "TestCases_RunBefore.csv"
      api.base.after.testfile = "TestCases_RunAfter.csv"
      api.base.before.suite = "TestCases_RunBeforeSuite.csv"
      api.base.after.suite = "TestCases_RunAfterSuite.csv"

    • parameters



      base directory for before/after test suite/test


      before test csv file


      after test csv file


      before test suite file


      after test suite file

  • Test base location:

Override Values

  • We can override the default before/after test file values in the csv file

  • We can also disable them in the test file

  • Example

    • We set:

      • Interface: External

      • Method: beforeCsvFile:none; afterCsvFile:none;

      • or, we can set beforeCsvFile:beforeFile2.csv; afterCsvFile:afterFile2.csv