Configuration and Variables

  • Service level Integration configuration file can be found at:

    • automation-client⁩ ▸ ⁨automation⁩ ▸ ⁨resources⁩ ▸ properties ▸

  • RestApi Configuration: RestApi

  • Database Configuration: Database

Accessing Config Values

  • Config values can be accessed in test file using <@variable> syntax

  • We can use the config variables at the following columns:

    • UriPath

    • RequestHeader

    • RequestBody

    • ExpectedResponse

Storing Values

  • Values can be stored using <$variable> syntax

  • Storing values can be done at the OutputParam column

Predefined Values

  • We can use predefined values in our test

  • These include random values and current time

    • Random value: <@_RAND5>

      • Number 12 is the length of the random string. Max length is 31

      • One random string is generated per test file

      • eg. <@_RAND5> becomes a9t5a

    • Time: <@_TIME16>

      • Time variable gets the current time

      • 16 is the length of the time string we want

      • eg. <@_TIME16> becomes 2019112419531400