HTML Report


  • Set report type to "html"

  • At resources -> properties ->

    • # report types: html (single html page) or klov (server using mongodb)
      report.reporterType = html

Test Report Location

  • Test report location is displayed at the end of the test in the test console

Extent Reports

  • Extent report is used for html reporting

  • Layout:

    • Test classes are displayed as "Features"

    • Test methods are displayed as "Scenario"

    • Both test class and test method are separated by upper case letters or underscore characters

      • eg. verifyLoginTest class becomes "Verify Login Test"

      • eg. validate_User_Login becomes "Validate User Login"

Test Failures

  • Test failures are displayed with stack trace of the failed test

  • Screenshot is attached to the failing step

  • A new side menu option will also be displayed

  • We will be able to see the list of failures


Launch After Test

  • We can enable the test report to launch in the browser automatically after the test run by enabling "report.launchRepotAfterTest" option at Ui Testing Properties located at automation-client⁩ ▸ ⁨automation⁩ ▸ ⁨resources⁩ ▸

  • # report options
    report.launchReportAfterTest = false

Detailed Report

  • We can enable to disable the sub steps in the repot and only leave the Gherkin style comments

  • report.enableDetailedReport = false