Additional Helpers

Additional Helpers

  • We try to cover most of the utility functions in the Helper classes, however, if additional helper methods are required, they can be added in the AdditionalHelper package

  • Additional helpers can be added to src/main/java/AdditionalHelper package

Example 1

  • Example:

    • /**
      * hover element using action
      * WebElement value: targetElement.get(0)
      * @param by
      public static void hoverBySample(EnhancedBy by) {
      Actions actions = new Actions(AbstractDriver.getWebDriver());
      EnhancedWebElement targetElement = findElements(by);
      WebElement webDriver = targetElement.get(0);
  • We pass in Element through EnhancedBy parameter

  • We can get WebElement value by:

  • EnhancedWebElement targetElement = findElements(by);
    WebElement webElement = targetElement.get(0); //0 is index

Example 2

  • In this example we will use EnhancedWebElement functionality in the Helper method

  • /**
    * click using enhancedWebElement
    * @param by
    * @param index
    public static void clickSample(EnhancedBy by, int index) {
    EnhancedWebElement element = findElements(by);;
  • Here, is using our enhanced web element functionality. We recommend using this methodology as opposed to:

  • EnhancedWebElement element = findElements(by);
    // not recommended
  • This is because the EnhancedWebElement adds additional checks for: error handling, retries, optimization, and cross platform compatibility


  • To Use these helpers, we call them in our Panel class or Test classes as follows: