Service Tests

  • Service level testing encompasses any backend, service, api, and database level testing

  • These tests are compromised of: request, response, and verification

  • Since these follow the same template, we have opted for using csv file to write the tests

  • 1 line 1 complete test

  • This allows us to add lots of tests to each csv file, covering large number of permutations

  • This falls in line with the pyramid of testing

Download Service Test Latest Release

Run Setup

  • Run autonomx ->

  • Wait until the download of the maven dependencies are complete (~10 mins)

Load The Project In IDE or Runner

  • Open the project in Intellij or Eclipse ( Please follow the instructions properly, as the config files are build in)

  • Or use the Script Server to quickly run the tests

Run Sample Tests

  • Run service test suite at "automation -> suites -> serviceTests.xml"

  • If using web + service project, also run

    • "automation -> suites -> serviceIntegration.xml"

  • Test results will be displayed at the end of the run

Create Tests

  • Create new tests by modifying the api properties file:

    • ⁨automation⁩ -> ⁨resources⁩ -> properties ->

    • More Info API Config

  • Create CSV files at "apiTestData -> testCases" directory

  • Instructions: Rest API Tests