Download Intellij Community Edition

Clone project

Run Setup

  • Run autonomx ->

  • Wait until the download of the maven dependencies are complete (~5 mins)

Launch Automation Project Through Intellij

  • The automation project is already setup for intellij

  • Launch Intellij -> Open

  • Navigate to: project folder -> autonomx -> automation -> open

  • Import maven dependencies from the Intellij

Add Save Actions Plugin

  • Save Actions plugin allows for the Ant code generator to run on save

  • Navigate to preferences -> plugins

    • search for Save Actions, install and restart

  • At preferences -> Other Settings -> Save Actions

    • Set "Activate save actions on save"

    • Set "No action if compile time errors"

Verify Project

Verify Ant Build

  • Ensure Ant build is available

  • Select Ant build from the right side panel

  • Ant build is used to generate source code

  • If ant.xml is not available, try manually adding the file

    • Select Ant tool window: View -> Tool Windows -> Ant (

    • Select + button to add ant file in Ant build tool window

    • Select ant.xml from root directory ( where pom.xml is )

    • Right click on mvn-clean-generate target, and select Execute on -> Before Compilation

Verify Annotation Processor

  • Ensure the annotation processor is disabled

  • Autonomx uses maven through Ant file to generate annotation class files

Verify Test

  • Navigate to src -> test -> java -> test.modules -> web.tests

  • Right click on VerifyLoginTest and select "Run 'VerifyLoginTest'"

Verify Results

  • Results should be displayed in the testNG panel