Download Eclipse

Clone Project

Run Setup

  • Run autonomx ->

  • Wait until the download of the maven dependencies are complete (~5 mins)

Launch Automation Project Through Eclipse

  • Open eclipse

  • Select File → Import → Maven → Import existing maven project

  • Select Next

  • Root Directory: Select the automation project folder

  • Select the project

  • Select finish

  • If project has errors, Clean the project

    • Projects -> Clean...

Download TestNG Plugin

  • Select Help -> Eclipse Marketplace

  • Search for Testng

  • Install and restart

Install Plugin Manually

  • Select Add

  • Set Name: testNG

  • Select testNG from the result and then Next

  • Security warning could be displayed. Install anyways

  • Restart eclipse to apply changes

  • TestNG plugin should now be installed

Disable Refresh Using Native Hooks Or Polling

  • Select Eclipse -> Preferences -> Workspace

  • Deselect "Refresh using native hooks or polling"

  • This is important, so the code generator will not be called more than once per file update

Install CSV plugin

  • CSV plugin allows for the csv files to be displayed

  • Go to: Helper -> Eclipse Marketplace -> Search for csv Edit resurrector

  • Install the csv Edit resurrector plugin

  • Csv Files will not look like this:

Enable Annotations

  • Right click on the project folder -> properties -> Java Compiler -> Annotation Processing

  • Enable "Enable Annotation Process"

  • Set "Generated source directory" to "./target/generated-sources/annotations"

  • Apply and Close

Select Package View

  • Select Package Explorer → Package Presentation → Hierarchical

Verify The Setup

  • Select login test from:

    • src → test → java → module -> web -> tests →

    • Right click and select: Run As → TestNG Tests

    • Test should pass