• Properties can be found at ⁨automation-client⁩ ▸ ⁨automation⁩ ▸ ⁨resources⁩ ▸

    • Contains properties pertaining web, ios, android, api, and winApp tests

  • Configuration files .property and .conf are loaded into memory at run time

  • Additional .conf or .property files can be added to resource folder and they will load at run time

  • Additional folder locations can be added to file with prefix "config." and the location relative to root directory

  • Config values .are coped based on access layer.

    • Config value set or updated at before suite, is available to all tests

    • Config value set or updated at before class, is available to all tests in set class

    • Config value set or updated at test method, is available to the test only

  • Additional configuration values can be added and retrieved using:

  • // Accessing config integer values
    // for boolean values
    boolean appiumLogging = ConfigVariable.appiumLogging().toBoolean();
    // for String values
    String appiumLogLevel = ConfigVariable.appiumLogginLevel().toString();
  • Values can be updating to config using :

  • ConfigVariable.globalTimeoutSeconds().setValue(90);
  • Values can be added to config using

  • ConfigVariable.setValue("sample.value", true);
    To access added value:
    boolean value = ConfigVariable.getBooleanValue("sample.value");
    if Integer:
    int value = ConfigVariable.getIntegerValue("sample.value");
    if String:
    String value = ConfigVariable.getStringValue("sample.value");