Autonomx provides a complete testing platform for UI (Web, iOS, Android, Win) and API testing. It provides a feature rich and viable testing solution for end to end testing. They’re designed to be fast, scalable, reliable and adaptable to any requirements for ever growing projects.
  • Open source UI automation testing framework based on Webdriver/Appium, TestNG/Junit, with maven integration.
  • Unifies mobile and web testing, using a common, version controlled code base (Autonomx Core)
  • Each testing project is treated as a client for the Automation Core, meaning one central code base for all UI testing projects
  • A client can have multiple test projects, as well as multiple platforms (web, Android, iOS, Win), associated with it.
  • Modular design. Each project/component is treated as a module, fully capable of interacting with one another. This allows for multi component and multi-platform testing. Eg. Create user through component A (API), validate in component B (web), do action in component C (Android), validate results in component D (iOS)
  • All interaction with the UI are through utility functions called Helpers, which are stable and optimized set of wrapper functions, removing inconsistencies in coding styles and enforcing testing best practices
  • Integrates seamlessly with the API testing framework for end to end testing
  • Detailed reports through ExtentTest reports

Feature List

Test development platform
Module Based Testing
Yes – End To End Product’s Integration Support
Application under test
Web, Mobile apps, Win app, API/Web services, Database testing
Scripting languages
Programming skills
API: no coding skills required UI: Low, Recommended for advanced test scripts
Framework Extendibility
Full – Can extend the framework for any feature
Learning curves
Ease of installation and use
Easy to setup and run
Script creation time
Object storage and maintenance
Object repository, Page object mode. Easy maintenance
Continuous integrations
Various CI tools (e.g. Jenkins, Cruise Control, VSTS)
Test Analytics
Product support
Open source community support.
License type
Open source MIT


  • Autonomx provides scalability, maintainability, easy of use, cross platform, automation best practices


  • Structure: Separation of logic from test client, page object model, object oriented data structure, test structure


  • Centralization of functionality:
    • Helper/Utility functions
    • Page object model
    • object oriented

Ease of use

  • Separation of core logic from tests to page objects to backend helper/utility functions
  • Enforces good testing practices, better logs/commenting

Cross platform

  • Common and general Utility/Helper functions applicable for web, iOS, android and Win app automation
  • Webdriver for mobile and web interaction
    • iOS and android driver casting for mobile specific functionalities


  • Separated between Logic Core and Client
  • 1 Logic Core, many clients
  • Each client represents a project
  • This allows for centralization of the framework
  • Client imports the Logic Core as dependency Jar
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