Autonomx provides a complete testing platform for UI (Web, iOS, Android, Win) and API testing. It provides a feature rich and viable testing solution for end to end testing. They’re designed to be fast, scalable, reliable and adaptable to any requirements for ever growing projects.

  • Open source UI automation testing framework based on Webdriver/Appium, TestNG/Junit, with maven integration.

  • Unifies mobile and web testing, using a common, version controlled code base (Autonomx Core)

  • Each testing project is treated as a client for the Automation Core, meaning one central code base for all UI testing projects

  • A client can have multiple test projects, as well as multiple platforms (web, Android, iOS, Win), associated with it.

  • Modular design. Each project/component is treated as a module, fully capable of interacting with one another. This allows for multi component and multiplatform testing. Eg. Create user through component A (API), validate in component B (web), do action in component C (Android), validate results in component D (iOS)

  • All interaction with the UI are through utility functions called Helpers, which are stable and optimized set of wrapper functions, removing inconsistencies in coding styles and enforcing testing best practices

  • Integrates seamlessly with the API testing framework for end to end testing

  • Detailed reports through ExtentTest reports